My own learning pathway | a summary in the third person

My own learning pathway, a summary in the third person
Margaret Burger (van Zwol) is an environmentalist based in Durban.  She completed a bachelor’s degree and then studied education.  As a young activist her first teaching post was with the then Department of Education and Training at Pholela High School in Bulwer in 1975.

Relocating to the city in 1979, and feeling stifled in a strict curriculum environment, she taught Geography at Sacred Heart High School, Oakford Priory, Verulam.  At the same time she studied early childhood education and shifted her focus to this more creative developmental phase of education.
After more than a decade in education, she pursued her passion for working in the earth and started a landscaping and garden maintenance business, Grassroots in Johannesburg.  In 1991 she returned to Durban, combining landscaping, managing a legal office and community work.
Community work through the uMngeni Estuary Conservancy led to involvement in a private public partn…

Margaret Burger (van Zwol) | Field of interest

I was asked to describe my field of interest.  So certainly not limited to the explanation that follows, I tried to explain ...

Margaret Burger (van Zwol) | Field of interest
Complexity and chaos, theories and practices, changing ways of producing knowledge by becoming the learner and listener, civic ecology, how we learn as a human species, consciousness, capacity and agency, tracing the threads of socio-ecological systems and how they have come to be, as well as how we can assist change in how we regard the world.  Reading and research, finding data through narratives and civic participation. Citizen science, embedded knowledge, sense of place, the nature of cities (as opposed to wilderness) and how we as a species became disconnected from nature to the point where species become extinct and think of nature as a service to be managed. These are questions which require a philosophical and relational approach.
More specifically, and in keeping with my profession, transformative environm…